Access the EV Quick Reference Guide

Let’s accelerate towards everything you need to know to start driving an electric car! Check out these handy resources:

EV 101: The basics about electric cars (Department of Energy video, 2 min.)

Why Choose an Electric Car? – A one-page handout with 7 compelling reasons: “Why Choose an Electric Car?”

The Vehicles – Available to own or lease now (

The Incentives – State and federal rebates and credits (Chargepoint)

Your $7500 electric car tax credit: Find out how much credit each vehicle is elegible for (DOE)

Top 5 Things to Know About Charging an EV (ChargEVC)

Buying Your First Home EV Charger (

Learn about Workplace Charging and its benefits to both drivers and employers

Where to charge, besides the ~90% that happens at home or work (PlugShare)

Attend an EVent, or rent an Electric Car! Owners carshare their electric cars (Turo)

What is a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV), also known as an electric LSV for “Low Speed Vehicle”?

Drive Electric America YouTube channel – Entertaining & informative short videos:

Visit our facebook page:

Donate! $5, $3, or as little as $1 to help us reach more future EV drivers!

Didn’t find the info on electric cars you were looking for? Check out our FAQ page.

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