Got Workplace Charging?

Does your employer offer Workplace Charging for electric cars? Do they have a well-written policy to support it? Here’s a free policy template from DrEAm to share with your company’s Senior Management and HR department, to have them customize and implement at your work site.

From the Introduction: “The purpose of this policy is to promote and assist employees with the ability to plug in and charge their Electric Vehicles at their workplace. Workplace charging can benefit employees by extending Plug-in Electric Vehicle range and helping employees green their commutes. It also demonstrates our organization’s environmental leadership to employees and visitors, and enhances the company’s brand as socially and environmentally responsible. In addition, it helps the country to meet greenhouse gas and criteria pollutant emissions reduction goals, and supports the use of domestic fuel. Finally, offering this benefit strengthens the organization by helping to attract and retain top-notch talent.”

Download the full policy document from this link below, free to use and modify to fit your organization’s needs:



Learn about Workplace Charging and its benefits to both drivers and employers via this fact sheet on the Workplace Charging Challenge (



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