Answer: All of the the above!

a. An electric motor has inherently more torque (rotational force) than a gasoline engine counterpart which translates to more get up and go. And unlike an engine, the electric’s torque is fully available right off the line, which means that even the economy versions of electrics are more fun to drive than their gasoline only equivalents.

b. Electric motors are are also much more efficient than gasoline engines, at least 3 times more efficient with the same amount of energy. This can translate to significantly lower emissions, and also significantly lower consumer energy costs which translates into big savings for the driver on “fuel”.

c. And finally, an electric motor requires little or no maintenance. It has far fewer moving parts, no regular oil changes, no spark plugs, etc. This means fewer visits to the auto service center, and even more money saved over the years on car maintenance.

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