Save even more $ on fuel & maintenance.

Did you know that on average the cost of electricity to charge and drive an electric car is like paying just $1 for a gallon of gasoline? No time machine required! 🙂

And the good news gets even better: Electrics require far less regular maintenance than their gasoline only cousins, saving you hundreds more due to fewer or no oil changes, filters, belts, etc. Even the brakes on electrics last longer, thanks to something called regenerative braking. In fact, over the life of the vehicle an electric will likely cost significantly less total than even an average “economy” gasoline only car – by thousands of dollars!

To see what the equivalent cost to drive electric is, try out this fun e-gallon calculator brought to you by the US Department of Energy. To learn more about how fuel and maintenance savings from an electric car put more money back in your pocket, check out Drive Electric America’s article “Why Driving an Electric Car Could Actually Save You Money” and related TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) analysis.

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