“Electric Car Champion of the Month” – Sweet Evalina’s Stand

Our first featured Electric Car Champion of the Month is Sweet Evalina’s Stand in Woodstock, CT. A scenic country restaurant with award winning pizza and fresh seafood, Sweet Evalina’s recently installed a dual Level 2 electric vehicle charging station that is free for customers to use. Sweet Ev’s also recently celebrated its 17th anniversary serving the community, as well as its namesake’s 97th birthday.

The town of Woodstock had two of these dual charging units available and was looking for the best locations and site partners to install them. One set of stations was awarded to Woodstock Academy, the local public high school, and will be installed at their South Campus site. Originally the other set was to be installed at the town hall, but the planners smartly realized that it was not an ideal destination for providing value to either EV drivers or the site, as the town hall is not near any high traffic local businesses.

The town then approached Tom Hayden, owner of Sweet Evalina’s Stand, to see if he was interested. “They asked me if I would consider it, and explained that I would only need to pay for the installation as the stations themselves were funded by a grant program,” said Hayden. Understanding the benefit to the community of encouraging the use of more efficient, zero tailpipe emission electric cars in our local area, combined with the small cost of electricity, and benefit to his business by attracting customers who will stop to charge’n’eat, Hayden agreed.

The dual charging station is located on the right side of the building, next to the ice cream window and the right side parking lot. The units have long cables making them able to reach multiple vehicles in the parking area, and automatically retract after use which increases their safety and accessibility. In the time it takes to have a sit down meal while enjoying the view of the pond behind the restaurant, each of these Level 2 charging units can add up to 30 miles of driving range to an electric car.

In addition to the outstanding pizza and seafood, Sweet Evalina’s regularly creates different kinds of gourmet pies, and strives to offer terrific casual fare. Stop by and get a charge out of Sweet Ev’s, located at 688 Route 169 in Woodstock, CT. https://www.sweetevalinas.com/

-Mark Renburke, Drive Electric America



Photos courtesy of  PlugShare.com

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